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Faux Stem

Friday, February 29th, 2008

You may have noticed that I have been silent for quite awhile. We recently put our old house up for sale and I was busy with the contractors getting it back into shape. I am now back to boat building. I have been trying to find enough room in the garage to build the Willy Winship but I am still short of the 8 by 20 feet that I think I will need to set up the frame and have space to work around the boat. I will find it, I just need to do a little more rearranging.

I decided to start building a faux stem out of Pine before I build the real one out of Oak. I have already made lots of mistakes so I think that it will be worth the effort. The stem above the sheer should be rectangular and you can see that I cut the bevel all the way to the top of the stem. The other thing that I am going to do is rough cut out the two pieces to the stem, epoxy them together then cut out the forward and aft faces of the stem.