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Spar and Backing Out Plane

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

I finished the backing out plane also called a hollowing plane.   I used a lever cap instead of a wedge to hold the iron in place.   The lever cap makes adjusting the plane iron easier because I tighten the brass thumb screw so that it just holds the iron in place so that I can adjust the depth of cut.  When I have it where I want I tighten the screw until it is snug.  Previously I had tried to harden the plane irons for the spare plane and it did not work. Go herer for the post on Plane Irons. I modified the heat treating forge to use two propane torches instead of one.  I heated the irons up to a cherry red and tested them with a magnet.  When I did the spar plane the two tips on the sides of the iron were not hot enough and the magnet jumped to them.  I put the iron back in the forge and heated it up again.   This time the magnet did not stick to the iron so I knew that I got it hot enough this time.   The iron when into the vegetable oil to be quenched.  I then heated up the backing out plane iron to a cherry red and when it was non-magnetic it when into the vegetable oil also.  I tempered the two irons in a toaster oven at 400 F for an hour.  This should give me a Rockwell hardness of 61/63.   I shapened the spar plane using the scary sharp method and when I tried it out it cut very well.  When I tried to sharpen the backing out plane I had old glue on the sharpening jig so I was not able to get it sharp.  I am going to clean up the jig and try again.