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Scraping, Scraping, Scraping

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

2014-12-13 09.55.55 (Medium)The scraping continues with the pram turned over.  The bottom has been scraped, sanded and sealed with TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy from Jamestown Distributors.  TotalBoat was easy to work with and when thinned with denatured alcohol turns almost to water.  I used a ratio of 1:2:1; 1 part hardener, 2 parts resin, 1 part denatured alcohol.  I heated the boat with a space heater prior to the application of the the first coat and gave the pram a total of two coats.  Once the epoxy started to gel, I scrapped off the excess on the transoms and the sides.

With the pram turned over I have removed the deck to give me access to all of the hull.  It was quite interesting to see all the different paint colors.  I am using Citristrip and I have used up the third half gallon.  I think that I will need one more half gallon to finish.  I have completed the first strip on the entire boat and the second strip on the forward half.  The forward half looks very good but there are a few minor spots that I would like to clean up before I start sanding and sealing.  I hope to finish the second strip next weekend.