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Looking A Little Blue

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

I have started to paint the pram.  The sides are an off white and the bottom and ribs are Largo Blue.  I am using Interlux Brightsides one-part polyurethane and it is very easy to use.  Looking_BlueI am using the roll and tip method to get a very nice finish.  Roll and tip is where the paint is applied with a foam roller then brushed out to remove orange peel.  On the bottom between the runners I used a foam brush and then the paint brush to smooth it out.  The Largo Blue is a bit more blue than I was expecting but it does look good.  Once the painting is done on the inside I will install the inwale, seat riser, stern knees and fore deck.  These will be painted before installation and then touched up.  I am really hopping to have the boat in the water by the end of the month.