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Building Jig

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

CF13_Building_Jig (Medium)The Candlefish 13 build has reach a major milestone; the completion of the building jig.  Early in the build I had cut out the forms and the transom then  put them aside.   I had also built the supports for the forms although I had build the supports for bulkhead #1 too wide and I had to cut it down.  With the strakes that I had just completed before finishing the building jig I am now ready to start stitching the hull.  First the two bottom strakes go on and I need to make sure they are in the correct location and they lay properly on the hull.  There will be a lot of measuring to make sure the hull is symmetric.  I have been measuring 3 and 4 times to make sure that I have avoid any errors and I have also been measuring from a common point to avoid error accumulation.

The Scary Part of Boat Building

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

The scariest event in boat building is the cutting out of the strakes (planks). Making and gluing the scarfs is second. When it comes time to cut out the strakes I have already spent many dollars on high grade marine plywood, completed the scarfs and lofted the strakes onto the plywood. One little slip of the circular saw and all of that time and money is gone.IMG_20160111_152431104 (Medium) Fortunately I only made one little error in cutting out the planks that will be easy to recover from. A little epoxy and fiberglass will cover up the error.

I had raised the building platform in anticipation of cutting out the strakes. I had covered the platform with plywood and 1 inch Styrofoam sheets. The foam won’t wear on the blade or interfere with the cutting of the strakes. I reviewed the layout and made sure I knew what side of the line to cut on before I started cutting. When cutting on the outside of the circular saw I could stay just outside of the line; when cutting on the inside of the circular saw I stayed away from the line to avoid cutting inside the line. I was cutting both the port and starboard strakes out at the same time so to keep them aligned I put pallet screws in each end and the middle. You can just see them in the picture. The holes will be filled later.

Since the two stakes are screwed together it made it easier with the spoke shave and belt sander to clean up the saw cuts. The upper strake is done and once I am done with the other two I will clean the garage, sorry boatshop, again so I can assemble the building forms.

Scarfing Plywood

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Work interfered with my boat building again but I did manage to assemble the building platform and scarf the plywood.  The 4 sheets of 4ft x 8ft x 6mm plywood are turned in to two sheet of approximately 4ft x 16ft by 6mm plywood.  plywood_scarfing_glueup (Medium)The short edge of the plywood is planed down to a 1 to 8 taper so that when the two sheets are epoxied together they retain their strength and flexibility across the joint.  In the middle of the two sheets of plywood you can see a batten that was screwed through the 6mm plywood the to 12mm plywood below.  If everything works out right in a few days I will remove the clamps and screws to check the joint.  I am using West System #205 fast harder that cure wells in the cold garage.  The time to cure to full working strength is 2 to 7 days so I can mark out the planks and cut them out next weekend.