A Pair of Paddles for the Canoe

I made two paddles for the canoe. A Greenland style double paddle and a ottertail single paddle. The Greenland paddle is made out of Western Red Cedar with Port Orford cedar inlay for the edges and weights only 1.75 lbs. The WRC is very light but is also a little too flexible for a touring paddle and is also too soft and weak to stand up to any abuse.

The ottertail paddle is made out of Douglas-fir and also only weights 1.75 lbs. The DF is is much heavery than the WRC and is prone to splitting so I splince the tip with Port Orford Cedar. Both paddles are finished with four coats of Daly’s Seafin Aquaspar varish. Being a water based varish it goes on very easily and has low VOC’s.

The cost of the wood for the paddles was only $6. Being lamintate paddles I was able to use serveral short pieces for the blades and a two long pieces for the handles.

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