Bits and Pieces

scarfing_jig (Medium)I started to make the gunwale, splash rails, bilge rails and keel out of Philippine mahogany.  The boards are 10 feet long so to get them the length needed, which is 15 feet, I need to scarf the planks and to do that I built a scarfing jig.  The clamps hold the work piece against a guide and to avoid cutting the clamps with the saw which would ruin my day, the clamps and the blade I put a screw in the jig so I could not push the clamps into the blade.  The scarf is about 10:1 which means that for 1 inch of width the scarf is 10 inches long.  I started to build another jig to hold the work pieces while I glue them.

I also cut the blanks for the frames out of Alaska Yellow Cedar which is very rot and insect resistant.  AYC is about 3/5’s the weight of white Oak, another popular boat building wood, and has similar characteristics.  The one downside to AYC is that it is not very hard and easily dented but the workable makes up for it.

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