Final Score: Fishing 0, Boat Ride 1

Fish Taco had her first outing of the season and she performed as great as every.  You may remember that I replace the transom corner knees and the transom center knees this last winter.

I went to Green Peter reservoir, about two hours south of Portland, for Kokanee fishing.  The fishing was very poor but the weather and view were excellent.  I had added pads and power connectors for the downriggers and this was the first time I have tried them out.  The downriggers are mounted the bridge deck about amidship and this turned out to be a good location for them.

I trolled east on the lake and after 3 hours I had a nice run back to the boat ramp doing around 17 knots.  I had a little problem getting the Fish Taco back on the trailer because I had forgotten my boots.  This week I will pack Fish Taco for a crabbing trip which I hope to have better luck.

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