First Strips and the Bungee Clamping Method

I have put on the first few strips for the canoe. I have set aside the first 13 strips for each side of the canoe. I am using the bungee cord method to hold the strips in place while the glue dries. I have 20 one foot pieces of 1/4 bungee cord. I also have cut over thirty pieces of 2 inch long 1/4 inch dowels. I have placed the strips with the cove up so that it is easier to glue. I run 2 inches of glue then skip 6 inches then repeat for the length of the canoe. Once two strips are in place I start from the center and work to each end. I place a dowel in the cove and then tie a piece of bungee around the strips to hold the two new ones down. I place a bungee each mold and in between each mold, about one every 9 inches. I also use clamps to hold the strips close to the mold as the bungee can distort the hull. I have to keep cutting the 2 inch dowels as every time I drop one it seems they run under some thing like cockroaches. By the time I have done the 13 strips on each side I will have to get 2 pieces of 2 foot bungee.

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