Looking For Medium

I have been glassing the insides of the hull panels with 5.6 oz fiberglass cloth and West System epoxy.  I predominantly use 205 Fast Hardener which is usable down to 40° F which I typically use around 50 to 60° F.  This last week the temperatures were in the 60’s during the day and dropping to the low 50’s at night.  I wanted a long working time so I could have used the 206 Slow Hardener but that may not cure completely when the temperature drops.  I recently read that you can mix the fast and slow hardeners to get a medium hardener.  I tried this on the rear side panels and after curing for two days I don’t see any issues.  I will give it another 3 to 5 days before I sand it and then I will definitely know if there are any issues.

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