Philly Style Chamfering Plane

I built a Philly Style Chamfering Plane to cut 45 degree chamfers and to 8 side spars, oars and paddles.   The plane is based on a 10 inch wooden block plane and has a fixed guide and an adjustable guide.    The adjustable guide is not shown because I did not like the first two that I made.  I have designed a new jig to cut the slots in the adjustable guide and will make it soon.

For this design I used a lever cap with a brass threaded insert and a brass knurled thumb screw.  The lever cap makes it easier to adjust the plane iron than with a wedge.  To adjust the iron, the thumb screw is loosened so the plane iron is held in place but can move when hit with an adjusting mallet.  Once the blade is set the thumb screw is tightened until snug.   The cross pin is 3/8 brass rod that is cut slightly longer than needed and then sanded to be flush.  I still have to heat threat the iron and then sharpen it.

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