Randy is Building a Boat

I am starting to build another boat. The first boat I built was the Nutshell Pram designed by Joel White. This time I will be building the Willy Winship, a 13′ 9″ sailing skiff designed by John Atkins. This boat can be rowed, sailed or powered by a small outboard motor. The method of construction will be the same as the Nutshell Pram, glued plywood lapstrake.

Some of the skills I plan to learn or improve are scarfing, lofting and lining off planks. Lofting is drawing the boat full scale. This will be done on a 4′ x 8′ 1/4 thick plywood painted white. For this design, only the bow stem and stern need to be lofted and once drawn they will be used to transfer to the White Oak that the bow stem and stern will be made out of. I am using White Oak for the stern, bow stem, skeg and guard rails. White Oak is heavy but also is very strong and robust.

I plan on providing descriptions and explanations as the boat construction progresses which may be technical and terse. If you find that you don’t understand someone thing please post a comment and I will try to provide more information.

3 Responses to “Randy is Building a Boat”

  1. Nathan M. / Fredericksburg VA says:

    Look forward to tracking your progress. I plan to start a Willy Winship in the late summer, although using sheet plywood rather than clinker.

  2. good says:

    I am confused about the plank widths. They are not shown and I dont know if they are all equall

  3. Randy says:

    The planks are not equal widths and they were not specified in the plans. The process of deciding the widths of the planks is called Lining Off. The process is discussed in "How to Build Glued-Lapstrake Wooden Boats" by John Brooks and Ruth Ann Hill.