Sitka Fishing

2016-05-24 15.45.33 (Medium)I was in Sitka Alaska last week fishing for Salmon, Halibut and rock fish.  There was a couple of firsts: first time fishing for Halibut and the first time I caught a Lingcod.  I went with my uncle Chester and we each brought back about 100lbs of fish.  The Salmon fishing was very similar to what I have done at Sekiu WA; use the down riggers to get the bait or lure to the right depth and wait for a hit.  The Halibut fishing was out in the ocean in 300 to 400 ft of water.  We lower the bait to just off the bottom and then wait for the Halibut to show up.  It takes a while to bring anything up from 350 feet.  My uncle caught an octopus which was exciting as the octopus did not want to give up the bait and was attached itself to the boat.

The rock fish and Lingcod were caught near the shore off some rocks.  We used spoons and jigged near the bottom for the Lingcod and up and down the entire water column for rock fish.

We did an all inclusive trip with Kingfisher Charters & Lodge in Sitka which is first class outfit.  The food was excellent even if they put red bell peppers in the colesaw.

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