The Tolman Adventure

It is time for a new boat build and this build will be a Tolman Widebody Skiff.  Adventure will be 19′ 10″ long, 7′ 6″ wide, will have a open pilot house and of course built for fishing.  I am planning on using either a Suzuki 60 or 90 HP outboard.  The 60HP has an advantage in weight since it weighs 253lbs, 90 lbs less than the 90HP and also cost less.  A large open rear deck will allow for 3 people to fish comfortably with two downriggers.  There will be a cutty cabin for storage but not for sleeping; Adventure will a be a day boat.

Renn Tolman designed the Tolman Skiff over many years of building and using the skiffs in Alaska and has become a favorite design for a low cost, rugged and sturdy boat.  Toman Skiffs are built using stitch and glue construction like Fish Taco, just bigger and can be built as short at 18ft with the Standard and and as long as 28ft with the Great Alaskan.

At 19′ 10″, Adventure is small for a Widebody but is a little larger than what can be built comfortably in my boat shop (garage).  The ceiling is high enough to build the cabin in side but the garage door it too low to get it out so I will be building the pilot house so it can be removed.

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