Tolman Skiff Build Resumes

After two months of little progress the Tolman build is moving ahead again.  I was sick in January and the garage was too cold to epoxy in February. The bottom panels have been scarfed, the scarfs glued up and the inside of the panels have been glassed.  In the photo I show two rear side panels having the scarfs glued up at the same time.  After the epoxy cures I will glass the inside of the panels and then they will go into storage until they are needed.  The rear side panels are 32 inches wide while the forward side panels are 48 inches wide to account for the sweep of the bow.  The forward side panels are put on the hull, marked, cutout and then glassed on the inside. It is a lot easier to glass the inside of the panel while they are flat.   The outside of the panels will be glassed when the hull is upside down..

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