Tolman Transom Design

I was working the transom designs for my Tolman Skiff, after several iterations this is what I settled on.The main outboard engine will be either a Suzuki DF60A or DF90A.  The DF60A weighs in at 229 lbs and the DF90A 344 lbs.  The maximum recommended weight for a Widebody skiff is 400 lbs.  If I go with the DF90A and either a Suzuki DF15A or Mercury 9.9HP I would be over the limit.  The DF15 weight is 108 lbs and the 9.9 is 84 lbs.  The auxiliary outboard is offset and raised up to account for the deadrise.Using the transom design from Renn Tolman’s book Tolman Alaskan Skiffs as a starting point I made the changes I wanted.  I opened up the transom so I can have a swim step mounted on the transom opposite the kicker motor.  I will add a full width dry well that can double as a fish box.  The front of the dry well will have a lift out panel that will make accessing the engines easier if there is a problem like fishing line in the prop. 

I drew a side view of the transom so I can avoid cutting the transom wrong.  There are a lot of angles that need to be right.  The bottom of the transom is cut at 15 degrees, the sides at 6 degrees and the top at 15 degrees.  The cut out for the motors are at 0 degrees. 

Here is the PDF of the drawings.

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