Turnover Day

upside_rightIn the last two weeks I have almost finished sanding and priming the outside of the hull and the boat was turned over.  Turnover day is always a milestone in boat building; it marks the day the boat goes from a project to a real boat.  I modified the plans so the hull would be 13′ 10″ long.  I measured the hull and it came out to be 14′ 1″; oh well that’s bodybuilding.  Now it is time for sanding, taping, sanding, glassing, sanding, filling, sanding and priming the inside of the hull which means I am still 2 months away from launch.

The Candlefish 13 has a bridge deck in the center of the boat which is great for storage but can be in the way.  I decided that I am going to move the bridge deck forward by about 6 inches to make more room just behind it.  Lots of fun work ahead and it is now a real boat.

One Response to “Turnover Day”

  1. Mark R says:

    Looks just as handsome in the picture as in person!