Two Down, Six to Go

2016-03-27 14.29.41 (Medium)I though that I had put the final coat of Quik Fair on the boat but I did not.  I have been sanding and I found I need to fill the transom more and one spot on the starboard bow.  I estimate that I have 8 hours of sanding before I can prime the hull and I have done 2.  I have finished the first pass on the starboard side and started the first pass on the port.  I also need to sand the chimes and keel which I am saving for last.  With a little luck I will start priming the hull later this week and this next weekend I will start attaching the exterior trim pieces.  I have scarfed the outwales and I need to trim them to length, put a round over on one edge, cut a bevel on the other and then steam so that I can fit it to the hull.  The bilge runners and splash rail mainly just need to be cut to length.  I still need to scarf the keel and cut it to length.  I am going to cut kerfs in the keel so that it can take the bend of the bow.

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