Upper Chimes Taped

I taped the upper chime yesterday and it looks very good even though the epoxy is still curing.  I used masking tape to mark off where I would apply epoxy and to limit runs.  Upper Chime TapedMy friend Darryl helped me make and roll the 4 inch wide fiberglass tape from the 50 inch wide roll of 6 oz. fiberglass cloth.  We also made 6 inch wide peel ply tape.  The first step was to prime 2 inches above and below the chime (the chime is where two strakes meet).  I also filled some small holes that I had missed earlier.  Then starting from the bow I unrolled the 4 inch fiberglass tape and pressed it into the neat epoxy in the primed area.  There was a little bit of fussing to the bow overlap correct and a minor crisis when I ended up short one fiberglass tape.  I changed out my latex gloves and cut another 4 inch tape so I could keep going.  Next, using an epoxy paint roller, I wetted out the fiberglass cloth with neat epoxy.  I was forced to use a 7 inch roller frame since I could not find my 2 or 3 inch frames.  A trip to Home Depot is in my future; a 3 inch frame would have been the perfect size for this job.   Once all the fiberglass cloth was wetted out I removed the masking tape and applied the 6 inch wide peel ply tape over the fiberglass cloth.  Starting from the bow and stern so I could meet in the middle I applied the peel ply and worked out any bubbles with a paper towel.  There is one section where the fiberglass cloth looks like it is epoxy starved so I will look into that before I cover the bottom with fiberglass cloth.

2 Responses to “Upper Chimes Taped”

  1. Mark R says:

    Hi Randy,

    You are moving right along! Taping chines already. The hull is looking great! It gets exciting when it starts looking like a boat.

    One little piece that might help: You can buy high quality “Wooster” brand 1/8″ foam rollers in 7″ widths at Woodcrafters at a good price. If you buy a dozen or more, ask for a discount. They cut very nicely to exactly the width you need on the bandsaw.

    Looking forward to seeing your continuing progress!